Physical Pain

There are different types of pain, acute pain,chronic pain,breakthrough pain,bone pain,soft tissue pain,nerve pain and even phantom pain. Pain does not feel the same for everyone and describing your pain can be difficult. There are many ways to treat all of the above, from short term and long term chronic pain.

People with chronic pain tend to have higher rates of depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbances; these are correlations and it is often not clear which factor causes another. Chronic pain may contribute to decreased physical activity due to fear of exacerbating pain, often resulting in weight gain.

Physical therapy involves a number of different types of pain management methods,

  • Massage
  • Manipulation of joints and bones
  • Movement therapy and exercise
  • Manual therapy using hands or tools on soft tissue
  • Exercising for just 30 minutes a day will help you with chronic pain management

But it’s not just the pain that hurts, your mind can start to suffer too. In effect, mindfulness hands back to you the volume control for your pain. Brain scans confirm this. … On top of these benefits, hundreds of scientific trials have now shown that mindfulness meditation is extremely good at relieving anxiety, stress, depression, exhaustion and irritability.

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